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What is Ice Wine?

What is ice wine? The answer might be more complicated than you might imagine. The article entails the processes of how to make ice wine, how to store ice wine, and the many different foods it can be paired with to give you just the right experience when it comes to this delectable dessert wine.

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A Guide to Cocktail Glasses

A cocktail is more than just a drink that’s made by blending spirits with different flavors and non-alcoholic ingredients - it is an experience. This experience can be greatly enhanced by the kind of glassware the drink is served in. Cocktail glasses can add to the patron’s enjoyment of the drink by keeping the drink at its desired temperature, magnifying the aroma of the ingredients and making the presentation look enticing. There are various types of cocktail glasses for specialty cocktails and they all serve the same purpose - to raise the cocktail from just another drink to something memorable.

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Smoothie Business Plan: How to Start A Smoothie Business

A smoothie business can give high-profit margins, requires minimum prepping, has low startup costs, and no prior experience is required to begin with. In this article, we discuss the definition of a smoothie bar, how to start a smoothie business, and tips to make a delicious smoothie.

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How Much Juice: Lime, Watermelon, Apple, Lemon, & More

Adding fresh juice to your establishment can help attract a whole new customer segment to your business. Different fruits yield different quantities of juice. It can be difficult to measure the amount of fruit you need to serve a single cup of fruit juice. In this article, we discuss how many of the most common fruits are necessary to make a cup of their juice. We share insights and real-time data about juicing, tips for commercial kitchens, and how to deliver the tastiest glass of juice.

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A Simple Guide for Everything You Should Know About Gourmet Ice Machines

Gourmet ice is a great way to provide an upgrade for your guests and add some extra pizzazz to your drinks. But not all gourmet ice machines are created equal, making it difficult to know what the best ice maker is for you.

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Best Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives for Coffee: Cashew, Almond, Coconut, or Soy Milk?

Coffee is a staple for many people, but what if you're trying to avoid milk? There are so many options these days! As a restaurant owner or food service manager, you understand how essential non-dairy milk alternatives are for some coffee drinkers. You are also aware of how critical it is you offer milk substitutes for coffee that taste good.

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Whether you're running a restaurant, managing a hotel, or working in a school with an active sports program, a commercial ice machine is an absolute must-have.

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Malt Beverage vs. Beer Debate: All You Need to Know

Today, two major trends dominate the soft drink and milk drink sectors: Beverages should be 100 percent from natural ingredients and should not contain added sugar.

It’s against this background that malt beverages provide plenty of promise. This is because these drinks are in line with both trends. 

As more and more customers request malt beverages, it’s important to know what they bring to the table. Plus, it helps to settle the malt beverage vs. beer debate once and for all.

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Half Dice Ice Cubes vs. Nuggets vs. Spheres: Does Ice Shape Really Matter?

When you're at home enjoying your favorite beverage or at dinner asking for a chilled cup of water to sip on during your meal, your glass is likely filled to some degree with ice. You probably never give a second thought as to what type of ice is chilling your beverage. Whether half dice ice cubes or crushed ice, various shapes of ice are used throughout the hospitality industry and the food and beverage industry, and each one serves a different purpose.

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How to Reseal a Bottle of Wine: The Top 5 Creative Ways

As a food service business owner, shrink costs are always a concern. Opened but unfinished bottles of wine contribute to that stress. 

It’s important to have fresh wine available for your guests at all times, but do you know how to reseal a wine bottle?  

Along with other beverage trends, it’s usual to offer various wines to your guests and expect them to enjoy the experience. That requires the wine to be fresh, preferably uncorked. Since the latter isn’t always possible, you may have to get creative to keep opened wine from spoiling.  

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Your Bubble Tea Business Guide: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Bubble tea goes by several different names, including boba tea and pearl milk tea. This unique beverage originated in Taichung, Taiwan, in the early 1980s. The little chewy tapioca pearls have, however, been used as dessert toppings long before their use in bubble tea. 

Since the first bubble tea business took off, thousands of shops have started popping up across the globe. This is thanks to the tea’s immense popularity among consumers, with the gross bubble tea business profit margins averaging between 75% and 80%.

Are you debating whether or not investing in a bubble tea business is worth it? Then you’re in the right place! Here’s what you need to know about getting started with your own bubble tea business.

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