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8 Customer Appreciation Ideas to Boost Your Restaurant Business

When it comes to customer appreciation, your restaurant needs to go the extra mile since customers have tons of options to choose from. 

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Everything You Should Know about Grenache Wine

You've surely had a few glasses of it at some point, whether you recognize it as Grenache, Garnacha, or something else entirely. One of the most popular and widely used grape types in the world, grenache can be grown anywhere and is consumed almost everywhere. 

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When Two Distinctive Flavors Clash: Understanding the What and How of Coffee Yogurt

Are you a javaphile or a coffee lover who needs a hot cup of coffee before getting started with your day? You may also like experimenting with different ingredients in your coffee. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Fill Your Restaurant Seats

We know how competitive the restaurant industry can be. Use our foolproof guide to grow your restaurant business throughout the year. These restaurant event ideas will not only entertain your guests but convert them into loyal customers.

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The Art of Brewing and Serving Sake

Sake is a traditional rice beverage in Japan that has a unique aroma and taste. It is made from fermented rice, is light in color, and has a sweet flavor. 

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How To Do Bar Inventory? Understanding the Basics & Streamlining Operations

The article discusses various essential parameters of alcohol inventory and how to implement a foolproof inventory process at your bar.

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Nothing is as invigorating as a chilled glass of sangria on a hot afternoon. A sip of this summer staple instantly refreshes and cools you. 
But how long does sangria last? Can it be refrigerated? If you’ve made more sangria than you need and want to find out what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some information on this famous cocktail and tips on how to store that extra sangria. 

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Bar Drinks Prices: How Much is a Shot?

Liquor cost or the pour cost is the total cost of making a drink. Knowing the exact quantity, price of alcohol and ingredients used will help you set the right price for a cocktail. In this article, we discuss how to price bar drinks, how many ounces are in a shot, how to set cocktail prices, the average cost of drinks, the differences between jigger vs shot, cocktail measure, and other factors. 

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Soda Machines: How Do They Work? (And Why Fountain Soda Tastes So Good)

Finding the right soda machine for your restaurant is important. It can increase your profit margins, make your customers stay longer (and possibly order more food), easily dispense drinks, and give you different flavor choices. Here, you'll learn how soda machines work and the reason fountain sodas taste so good. 

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How to Open Whiskey/Bourbon Bar

Opening your own whiskey or bourbon bar can be a thrilling experience. With good knowledge of the amber nectar, you can create a haven for whiskey lovers. You’ll have to take the right steps to open a bar, such as obtaining licenses and creating an inviting atmosphere, and you’ll see your business skyrocket. Take a deep breath and plunge into the intricate world of whiskey and you can create a brand that will be the talk of the town when it comes to sophistication.

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Malt Beverage vs. Beer Debate: All You Need to Know

Today, two major trends dominate the soft drink and milk drink sectors: Beverages should be 100 percent from natural ingredients and should not contain added sugar.

It’s against this background that malt beverages provide plenty of promise. This is because these drinks are in line with both trends. 

As more and more customers request malt beverages, it’s important to know what they bring to the table. Plus, it helps to settle the malt beverage vs. beer debate once and for all.

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