Pour ‘n Serve Efficiently: Different Types of Disposable Cups for Your Restaurant

disposable cups

The success of a business depends on the affordability and convenience of an essential resource. With disposable cups, you can serve hot and cold beverages effortlessly. They are also cost-effective and efficient. Disposable cups come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. You can serve thousands of patrons daily with high-quality disposable coffee cups. They are perfect for events, carnivals, fast food joints, offices, and institutions.

In this article, we discuss the different types of disposable cups available in the market and their usage. 

Disposable Cups And Materials

Disposable cups are made out of various materials - paper, foam, or plastic. They are also available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. You can serve hot and cold beverages effortlessly with disposable coffee cups. Here we discuss the types of materials used in disposable cups:

Poly-coated: Poly-coated disposable cups are made from polyethylene. They are more stable than other types of disposable cups. Poly-coated disposable cups are moisture-resistant and smooth. Most polyethylene disposable cups use a double or single layer coat of polyethylene. Double-layered polyethylene disposable cups are more sturdy and efficient. 

Wax-coated: Wax-coated disposable cups are leak-resistant, durable, and versatile. They are similar in quality to poly-coated disposable cups. Wax-coated cups have a layer of wax applied on all sides. They are perfect for cold beverages. 

PET: Polyethylene terephthalate or PET is extensively used in the food and beverage industry. PET disposable cups are lightweight, can withstand heavy impact, and are stronger than other materials. Disposable PET cups can block solvents and moisture. They are fully recyclable and are also used by the food packaging industry. 

What Are Disposable Coffee Cups Made of?

For foodservice businesses, choosing coffee equipment, refrigeration equipment, hiring staff, and opting for the perfect disposable coffee cup are essential. Most disposable coffee cups are made from styrofoam, paper, or plastic. Many styrofoam cups are ideal for serving both cold and hot beverages. Disposable paper cups are perfect for serving hot beverages. They are lined with polyethylene, a plastic layer that stops moisture from affecting the paper cup. 

what are disposable coffee cups made of

Most plastic iced coffee cups are made from polypropylene. Some disposable iced coffee cups are made from PET or polyethylene terephthalate. PET coffee cups are recyclable. 

Types of Eco-friendly Disposable Coffee Cups

Here are the types of eco-friendly disposable coffee cups:

Degradable: Degradable coffee cups are made from oil-based materials that cannot break down easily. 

Compostable: Compostable disposable coffee cups can be placed in a composition of decaying biodegradable materials. 

Biodegradable: Biodegradable coffee cups can be naturally broken down by microorganisms. 

Recyclable: Recyclable coffee cups have a universal recycling symbol and are made from various recycled products. 

Different Types of Paper Coffee Cups

Most paper-based disposable coffee cups have a layer that shields the moisture from affecting the paper. Here is a list of paper-based disposable coffee cups popular worldwide:

  1. Poly-coated Paper Disposable Coffee Cup: Poly-coated paper cups come with a polymer coating that helps insulation. They are perfect for serving cold and hot beverages. Poly-coated cups come with a single or double layer of poly coating. Double poly-coated cups offer more sturdiness. Additionally, double-layered cups prevent the cup from weakening due to condensation. Poly-coated cups come in various designs, colors, and sizes. 

  2. Air-pocket Insulated Coffee Cup: Ripple cups or air-pocket insulated coffee cups offer an air pocket insulation feature that prevents your hand from burning because of hot beverages. Additionally, they also help eliminate the usage of double cups and coffee sleeves. 

  3. Sustainable or Recycled Paper Coffee Cups: Recycled paper coffee cups are made from renewable resources. They are mostly made from 100% recycled materials. Recycled materials include paper, wood chunks, and cardboard. Recycled coffee cups are coarser than other coffee cups. They are made from a blend of various recycled materials. You can opt for hot or cold recycled coffee cups for your establishment. 

  4. Wax-Coated Paper Cups: Wax-coated paper coffee cups are mostly popular in movie theatres, fast food restaurants, carnivals, events, and parks. Wax-coated paper cups are perfect for serving sodas, shakes, iced tea, cold coffee, and smoothies. Wax-coated paper cups are ideal for serving cold beverages, as hot beverages can affect the wax coating. You can serve various iced beverages with wax-coated paper cups. Commercial ice makers and wax-coated paper cups are essential to iced beverages for most restaurants and cafes. These paper cups are more affordable than polymer coffee cups. Wax-coated disposable coffee chips are perfect for businesses that need to purchase in bulk. 

Disposable Foam Coffee Cups

Most disposable foam coffee cups are highly versatile. You can pour both hot and cold beverages into foam cups. Foam coffee cups are sturdier than paper coffee cups. Disposable foam coffee cups are made from polystyrene, a byproduct of gases. Foam coffee cups are sensitive to high temperatures. Using foam cups with extremely hot liquids can cause irreparable damage to health. 

Different Types of Disposable Plastic Cups

Compostable Plastic Cups: Compostable plastic cups are made from eco–friendly plastic material. They are made from polylactic acid or PLA. PLA is a form of sugar compound that is derived from corn, potato, and soy plants. Compostable plastic or pseudoplastic material is freezer safe, food-safe, and economical. These contemporary plastic cups need a specialized recycling system. 

Hard Layer Plastic Cups: Hard-layer plastic cups are contemporary cups that are sturdier than most disposable plastic cups. They are made from a heavy and shock-absorbing material. Plastic cups are perfect for catering, events, and commercial establishments. Hard layer plastic cups are reusable and sustainable. Hard layer plastic is used for tumblers, shakers, and cups. 

Versatile Plastic Cups: Versatile plastic cups are well researched and modern cups. They are recyclable, consumer-friendly, and affordable. Versatile cups are made from polypropylene, which is eco-friendly. Versatile cups are puncture-proof and crack resistant. They are also kid and infant-friendly as they are made from compounds that do not pose any health risk. 

Thin Wall Plastic Cups: Thin wall plastic cups are the most popular plastic cups. They are highly reliable and are used at events, parties, homes, offices, and quick-service restaurants. Thin wall plastic cups are made from a diverse range of materials. Thin wall plastic cups are not ideal for serving hot liquids. They are highly delicate and reactive at high temperatures. Using thin wall plastic cups to serve hot liquids can be harmful. Additionally, hot liquids can also affect the recycling process. 

Disposable Custom Coffee Cups 

Some disposable coffee cups offer customization. You can add your brand logo and design to help you personalize your coffee cup. Customizable cup variants are available with foam drinking cups and paper cups. You can promote your establishment’s name and message with customized coffee cups. If you are starting your cafe, choosing the right coffee cups and coffee shop equipment is highly essential for your success. 

Disposable cups are essential for businesses. In this fast-paced world, disposable coffee cups offer convenience. They help reduce the effort of cleaning a reusable cup repeatedly, which is next to impossible in an office or fast-paced food joint. They are also essential for places that need to serve food and beverages in high volumes. Disposable coffee cups are affordable, efficient, and are perfect for deliveries. You can also serve beverages in disposable plastic cups.

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