A Guide to Keeping Your Copper Mugs Clean and Spotless

how to clean copper mugs

During the 1500s, the first cocktails were most likely consumed by British naval sailors and pirates, and they consisted of a crude moonshine rum blended with citrus fruit, sugar, tea, and various spices to improve (usually dull) the rum's flavor.

Mixology has evolved into a skilled art form since the days of sailing the seven seas. The level of precision and skill required has skyrocketed, and with it has come a slew of new bar tools and equipment to help mixologists do their jobs.

A bartender can now use a variety of sophisticated bar gadgets to elevate their trade, such as smoke infusers or garnish tweezers. However, there are several tools that you simply must have behind the bar, or your service may suffer. Some cocktails or drinks are delivered in particular glasses or mugs, which has a considerable impact on how they are consumed.

It's weird to think of oneself sipping a margarita from a pint beer glass or sipping wine from a hurricane glass.

When serving a specific type of beverage, many bartenders are fastidious about the bar equipment they employ. Cocktail connoisseurs are likewise fiercely protective of their drink's standards and history. A Moscow Mule, for example, is customarily served in a copper mug, which may appear odd, but many people don't understand how much they're missing out on until they try a copper mule mug.

If you're going to have a cocktail in a copper mule mug, be sure it's the right size to contain your drink without taking up too much room. Now, a good Moscow Mule includes ingredients in proper balance and is served over ice. Using a good ice maker machine gives you quality ice without impurities, and chills and enhances the flavors of the drink. Your solid copper mug should have enough space to accommodate the standard ingredients and ice to ensure you have a balanced cocktail true to the heritage of the Moscow Mule. Some of the best drinks served in a copper cup are Moscow Mule, Whiskey Ginger Mule, Classic Margarita, Sweet Surrender Copper Cup Cocktail, Mint Julep, and Dark N’ Stormy.

Why a Copper Mug?

Some people have questioned the safety of drinking from a copper cup. The truth is that copper is completely safe for your health. Copper is found naturally in the human body and is required for the proper functioning of various enzymes. To consume some copper and retain excellent health, ancient societies stored water in copper containers. The mug's copper lining enhances the drink's flavor and scent, while the copper's thermal conductivity keeps your drink colder for extended periods.

how to wash copper mugs

Copper has the ability to shift temperatures quickly, making it an ideal material for mugs used to hold cold beverages. When you drink from a metallic surface, it already feels cold, but copper mugs make the experience even colder. Copper mugs wrap your cocktail with a surface that matches the temperature of what's within, rather than insulate it. It's the ice-cold temperature of the beverage that is protected and transferred to the copper mug. The combination of the chill of the copper cup and the sharp taste of the cocktail Moscow Mule is simply unbeatable, and it is what makes the drink.

However, copper mugs aren't just for Moscow Mules. They're a great choice for any cold drink, and they keep it just as cold as the Mule. Copper mugs can also improve your drinking experience when it comes to beverages like water and ice tea.

Indeed, it possesses antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory characteristics that can aid in the treatment of wounds and speed up recovery times. Because copper is a hard mineral, it can easily find its way into liquids that come into contact with it in trace levels.

Copper mugs look great on the shelf or elsewhere in the kitchen, in addition to providing good options for serving hot and cold drinks.

Cleaning Copper Mugs

To avoid leaving water stains on the copper mug after you've finished using it, simply rinse it with warm, soapy water and dry it quickly. If you find one in the garage from a party three weeks ago, it may have a tarnished appearance; in such cases, follow these simple instructions and it will be as good as new in no time:

  • Use a generous amount of metal polish to polish the copper mug directly. To boost shine, wipe it off with a soft dry towel and buff it out with a clean cloth.
  • Use a toothbrush or a washcloth to scrub away the tarnish with a mixture of lemon juice and salt (vinegar also works). Rinse and repeat until the surface is gleaming and new.
  • You can also use baking soda and vinegar to clean your copper mugs. To make a paste, use 3 parts baking soda and 1 part vinegar. Apply the paste on the copper cup with a moist sponge or cloth and let it settle. Finally, scrub, hand wash, and rinse the tarnish and cleaning solution with a soft sponge and clean water.

Because they are lined with a food-grade lacquer to protect the copper and prevent potential copper exposure to your clients, these mugs are normally not dishwasher safe. The harsh soap and heat used in a dishwasher can easily erode this layer.

Dishwasher-safe is a 100 percent unlined, pure copper mug, which is commonly used as bar equipment for serving an original Moscow Mule. Unlined copper mugs should still be hand-washed to retain their condition because they are sensitive to scratches and dents.

Even with the extra care provided to your copper mugs, training new workers on the hand-washing protocol will help keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Aesthetic Appeal

Copper mugs are also excellent at attracting attention and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your drinks. Copper mugs are just as important as any other barware in a home bar setup. These mugs make a statement and demonstrate that you're concerned with the finer points of providing a great drink experience.

This is why it's critical to select your bar equipment with care and precision, without sacrificing the ware's quality.

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