Easy Cold Drinks on the Go

Looking for some easy iced drinks to make at home and take with you for the day? Here are some of our absolute favorite options for cold drinks on the go.

Whether you are looking for something caffeinated and strong or something light to sip on, we will have an option on this list for you. Get your reusable cup and straw ready for some delicious, easy drinks to start your day with.

Make Your Own Iced Coffee

Our first recipe is a staple for a lot of people who need caffeine to start their day and boost their morning. Here’s how to make the best iced coffee possible.

You will need 2 cups of water, 1/3 cup of coffee beans, ice, milk (dairy or non-dairy, whatever you prefer), and sweeteners (optional). For this particular recipe, you will also need either a hand or electric coffee bean grinder and a french press.

First, grind up your coffee beans to the consistency you like. Once you have your ground coffee, you can mix it with the water in the french press. Gently stir them together until they are completely mixed.

Put on the lid of the french press and stick in the fridge overnight. Make sure that the plunger hasn’t been pressed down, this makes it easier for the coffee grounds to mix with the water fully.

After the mixture has been in the fridge a whole night, plunge the coffee grounds down. At this point, your iced coffee is ready to be put together and consumed.

Simply put your preferred amount of ice into your to-go cup or glass and pour the coffee over it. Add your favorite milk and sweetener to finish off the drink.

We love this recipe because it is efficient, easy, and strong enough to get anyone through their morning slump.

Make Your Own Iced Tea

Next up we are going to take a look at making you own delicious iced tea for the road. This is a great skill to have because it is so easy to make your own and is perfect for any time of day and occasion.

For this recipe, you will need: 8 cups of water, either 10 tea bags or 6 teaspoons of loose leaf tea, and your preferred sweeteners and spices (optional). You will also want to have a strainer handy if you are using loose leaf tea.

If you would prefer to cold-brew this tea, you can simply combine the water and the tea and set it in your refrigerator overnight. Try to leave it in the fridge anywhere from 15 to 36 hours to allow it to steep.

Once the tea has been steeped, you can remove the tea bags or strain out the tea leaves. Mix in your favorite sweetener and enjoy.

If you would prefer to hot-brew your tea, simply bring the 8 cups of water to a simmer. Then you can add either 6 tea bags or 3 teaspoons of loose tea and let it steep for about 4 minutes.

This recipe is simple, easy to follow, and can be made with any type of tea or sweetener you would like.

Make Your Own Basil Lemonade

Last but not least we are going to be providing you with a delicious recipe for basil lemonade. This is slightly spicy and sweet and is absolutely perfect for a hot summer’s day.

You will need: 1 cup of sugar, 8 cups of lemonade (however you prefer to have it made), and 1 cup of fresh basil leaves with 8 additional sprigs for garnishments. Also make sure to have a wooden spoon or spatula, and a small saucepan available.

First, put the sugar and a cup and a half of water in the saucepan and stir on medium heat. Cook this mixture for about five minutes to allow the sugar to completely dissolve.

Once the sugar is melted, remove from the heat and add in the cup of fresh basil. Allow this mixture to cool down to room temperature, and then move the mixture into a resealable container after straining out the basil leaves.

Pour between 2 and 3 teaspoons of the syrup into each cup of lemonade, and then add a sprig for decoration. This recipe will make eight cups of the basil lemonade.

We love this because it is easy and unique, and perfect for a summer party or to keep in your fridge to drink throughout the week.

Enjoy Your New Cold Drinks

We hope you found our favorite cold drink recipes helpful for your day to day life. These can all be easily adapted to fit your taste buds and dietary restrictions.

What is your favorite drink on the list, and how do you make it your own?