Create Your Own Soda Water for This Summer

With the summer in full swing, people are looking for better ways to quench their thirst – drinking plain water can somehow get boring. Bottled soda and juice are not an option for many, especially with healthy lifestyle trend in the last few years.

Fortunately, there’s one healthy drink that’s becoming popular each and every day – soda water. Who wouldn’t want some ice-cold bubbly goodness on a hot summer afternoon? It not only quenches your thirst but can also be used as a palate cleanser.

But what exactly is soda water?

Soda water is carbonated water in which carbon IV oxide (CO2) gas has been dissolved. Years back, people made soda water using baking soda and some kind of acid to remove the CO2 from water. Today, there are better and safer ways to do this.

Why Make Your Own Soda Water?

Buying soda water and other sparkling beverages for your restaurant can be really expensive, especially during a time when consumers are more cautious of what they take in. Moreover, the plastic bottles can be hard on the environment.

Another good reason for making your own soda water is that you can control the flavor intensity and relative sweetness of the resulting drink to match your customers’ preferences.

How to Make Your Own Soda Water

1. Using SodaStream

The highly popular SodaStream series of carbonators is attractive and easy to use. It comes in a compact, portable package that produces good carbonation for your soda water.

For cost efficiency, you may want to check out the SodaMod SodaStream adapter which utilizes standard paintball tanks with the SodaStream machine. The paintball CO2tanks can be refilled at any sports or paintball stores near you at a fraction of the price of a new SodaStream machine.

Alternatively, you can buy a CO2 Conversion SodaStream Adapter from online stores.

2. Using the Carbonater

The carbonater will cost slightly more than the SodaStream and will require a little knowledge on servicing gas tubing and regulators.

It is easy to install and use, and will serve more customers than the SodaStream. After the installation, ensure that there are no gas leaks. You wouldn’t want to use your soda maker for a few days and then realize that you are out of gas.

3. Using the Kegerator

Kegerators are known for dispensing beer, but they can also be used to make soda water.

Initially, the soda industry used these kegs to deliver soda and other soft drinks to bars and restaurants. Today, they just deliver the syrup which is mixed with carbonated water in the system. With the reduced consumption of sodas, restaurant owners are now using these kegerators to dispense flavored soda water for their customers.

With the kegerator, you can adjust the carbonation levels to suit your customers’ tastes.

How to Use Soda Water in Your Restaurant

Concoct Soda Water Summer Cocktails

Soda water machines are a great way of mixing things up on your beverage menu. Instead of offering the regular cola, treat your customers to your own soda flavors. 

You can add fruit- or herb-infused syrups to the carbonated water to create refreshing summer cocktails that will keep customers coming back for more.

You can also experiment with sparkling lemonade, iced teas, juices, carbonated ice coffee, and even sparkling ice cubes.

Dish Up Unique Menu Items

Installing a soda water maker in your restaurant’s kitchen will keep your menu fresh and unique. Your staff will be able to dispense soda water for use in different recipes. The fizz will breathe new life into sauces, soups, main courses, and more.

Some great ideas for cooking with soda water include:

  • When baking bread or any dough-based foods, you can substitute sparkling water for plain water to enhance the tender texture.
  • Use soda water instead of plain water and milk to make pancakes fluffier and tastier.
  • Use carbonated water for subtle effervescence in your soups.
  • Use soda water in your tempura batter to keep your vegetables, fried chicken, and cheese crispy and light after frying.

Make Your Summer Pop with Your Own Soda Water

By joining the growing number of café owners and restaurateurs who have revitalized their businesses by offering carbonated water as part of their customer experience, you’ll be in for a booming summer season.