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Wines for Christmas: How to Serve the Best Wines for Christmas Dinner
The holidays are the perfect time to stock up your cellar and serve your best wines to your customers. Christmas cheer is in the air and many people are more than happy to reach for a glass of wine to complement the perfect Christmas dinner. If you need help figuring out which reds, whites, or rosés go well with the traditional Christmas fare, check out our post below.

12 Stress Management Tips to Avoid Burnout in a Commercial Kitchenl
Indeed, working in a commercial kitchen is one of the most stressful jobs there is, no matter how glamorous the media may portray your job to be. Unless you learn to manage the daily stresses of your job and minimize your reactions to them, it won’t be long before you give in to the pressures of working in the industry or start looking for a new job elsewhere. The following are 12 strategies that kitchen workers can implement to help them deal with the pressures of their job and maintain a healthy work-life balance.  
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